Landscaping Services

Our goal at All American Landscape is to provide you with landscaping services to meet any and all of your lawn care needs. In addition to our landscaping services and lawn maintenance services, we offer several other landscaping services to help you with your lawn care and outdoor property. Our additional landscape services include:

Grinding or Removing Stumps

While some stumps are designed to provide a unique addition to your landscape, most stumps are en eyesore. However, removing them can be extremely difficult without the proper tools and experience. Our experts are happy to provide you with both grinding and removal services to clear your yard of any tree stumps.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

A sprinkler system can be a convenient and valuable tool when irrigating your landscape. Sprinkler systems are necessary for any landscape, they will save time, costs and headaches. When All American Landscape does sprinkler installations, we make sure we choose carefully the right sprinkler system to prevent sprinkler repairs later.

Sod and Soil Installation

The installation of sod is a popular way to establish a new lawn. When installed properly amended soil, in the appropriate sunlight conditions and when correct maintenance is provided, a sod lawn can be a valuable part of your landscape.

Professional Synthetic Grass Installation

Using artificial or synthetic grass can be a smart option for homeowners, particularly if you want to keep up with the appearance of your lawn. Synthetic lawns can be installed everywhere, and they are perfect for gardens and patios. The initial installation and costs can be significant. However, you just need to find the perfect type of synthetic grass for your residential home and start enjoying all the time and costs saved from lawn maintenance.

Fencing Installation and Repair

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