Landscape Maintenace

Landscape Maintenance

We have been providing quality landscape maintenance service for over 20 years. We hire only trained and qualified staff that has proven experience in helping customers just like you achieve that yard of their dreams. Our staff will come to your home on a recurring basis, working with your schedule to provide you with quality yard care that is certain to have your yard looking its best. With services such as mowing, trimming, pruning, weeding, fertilizing, and mulching, we've got our team ready to take on any project.

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Here is a list of our Landscape Maintenance Services:

Sprinkler Maintenance

Defined by All American Landscape: maintaining the existing landscape irrigation as needed each month to make sure water is not being wasted. Includes checking irrigation system to make sure nozzles are not clogged or broken, sprinkler heads are not broken by gardeners, valves are not leaking and water efficiency.

Lighting Maintenance

Check low voltage to make sure lights are operating well and replace burnt out light bulbs.


We can cut your lawn on a specified frequency per month. Our lawn mower's blades are sharpened weekly in house to ensure a quality cut. Our gardening service includes string trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces (decks, patios, walkways and driveways). Edging of sidewalks and curbs one time per month.

Leaf Removal

Removal of fallen leaves from entire property (turf, beds, hard surfaces).

General Cleanup

Removing debris, weeding beds, blowing leaves, picking up trash/sticks. Enhances overall appearance of grounds.

Weeding Beds

Weeding beds. Available weekly, every other week or monthly. Less extensive than general cleanup.

Edge and Mulching

Weeding beds, defining beds and spreading mulch.

Trimming Shrubs

Available in conjunction with weeding beds and/or edging and mulching. Also offered as a separate service.


Offered four times per year.

Winter Pruning

One visit in the winter for hard pruning on necessary plants in order to stimulate growth on remaining branches and a healthier plant.

Gutter Cleanup

Self explanatory. Offered 3 times per year or upon request.


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